Our Rating System

Below is our rating system. Now, we fully understand that everyone has their own preferences and may think "rare" is totally better than let's say, "medium well". Being primarily a "fiction" site, we ask you to use your imagination and work with us on this a bit. The idea of "well done" coinciding with the top rating kind of hit the spot for us. So for all intensive purposes, we will pretend that everyone has the same preferences and WALLA!, we bring you our rating system.

Now, there are a ton of books out there that are really great reads. We all know that. But how about those very few times when you turn that last page and close the book, take another quick peek at the cover, and for a quick second, consider reading it all over again. That's how amazing it was. The book that sets the new bar. How's it go- the Creme Del La Creme?? Well, we have reserved a special rating for those little four leaf clovers. If you happen to see this as a book's rating, just know it was Finger Lickin' Good!

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