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Our Review Policy

First and foremost, we will state upfront if the book we are reviewing was provided to us by any third party, for example- either a publisher, author, marketing company, or any source other than purchased or obtained by us directly.

We mostly review YA/Fiction on our site. Occasionally we will review an Adult/Fiction title, so it is always worth asking. Having run a different book review site for 3-4 years prior to this one, we have learned that we must be somewhat selective in what we review in order to be efficient and orderly. This  means that like most other reviewers, we can not review every book that we accept or are offered. We ask that if you email us a request, please try to include any information or any links to information where we can learn about the book to help us make a decision. It is very helpful and saves us both time. Also, once we accept a book to review, we will try to review it a soon as we can and try to set up a time frame that works for all of us.

We accept physical copies of books including ARC's, as well as digital copies for ibooks, kindle, or bluefire. You can send kindle copies directly to mrlatts@kindle.com if you want, just please notify us that you are sending it. Any review provided to us will not be sold. It may be used as a prize in a giveaway, but we try to obtain your permission first to avoid any books getting out early that you do not want released to the public before a certain time.

We have a rating system which we use. It can be found through our menu bar or by clicking HERE.

On our previous site, we originated what we call the "TRIPLE THREAT" which is where we do a review of the book, an interview with the author, and a giveaway of some sort of material related to the book, whether it be copies, swag, or whatever we are provided. If you are interested in a triple threat, please let us know so we can solidify a timeframe with you and post it in an upcoming part of our "giveaway" section on the site.



Our contests are open to participants over the age of 13. We will specify at the time of the contest whether it is for U.S. residents only or International. Usually, it is not our decision and up to the publisher, author, or other source who is providing the material for the giveaway. We will also state the source of the prizes for each particular giveaway.

The format, rules of entry, and time frames will be posted with each giveaway. We request that the winners provide us with their email address and physical address to provide them with their prize within 48 hours of being posted on the site. Winners will be chosen using random.org unless otherwise noted in the giveaway. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone who does not adhere to the rules of the particular giveaway.

****If there is anything you feel we have not addressed in our policies that we should, please notify us immediately and we will do our best to update them****

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