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Welcome! Most importantly, we want to thank you for taking the time to stop by. It truly means the world to us. Our objective is to make your experience here both educational as well as enjoyable. A lot of time and thought has gone into the overall design of the site as well as the current and future content we present to you. Every decision we come to is made by putting ourselves in your shoes, our readers, and simply asking ourselves, "What would we want to see or read while here?" So while YOU are here, if you ever find yourself thinking, "I'd really love to see....." just let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. The happier you are, the happier we are. If we can make our site part of your "routine" and a place you look forward to visiting, then we have done what we set out to do. We know that once you read our story and get to know us, you will see why we are so passionate about this and why we consider ourselves lucky to have friends like all of you who share our "addiction" with us. 

Our Story

We suppose now would be a great time to introduce ourselves. Our names are Dave and Mara, and yes we are both Fiction Addicts. (TOTALLY picturing a roomful of people sitting in chairs in a huge circle!) We have been happily married for 15 years and have 2 daughters, Lauryn who is 14 and Sami who is 12. We also have 2 Shih Tzu's, Bella and Bentley, currently both 2, who are real brother and sister. We would be lying if we told you we didn't love and treat them as if they were also our children.

Some of you may possibly recognize us. For the last 4 years we, along with Lauryn and Sami, have had the pleasure of hosting another book review site, The Lateiner Gang Book Review Spot. Over the years, our unique "family" blogging style gave us the opportunity to develop wonderful, priceless relationships with tons of our readers, authors, publishers, fellow bloggers, and many others in this industry. In fact, those relationships are a big part of the reason we started this site. Unfortunately, as Lauryn and Sami entered their teen years, blogging with Mom and Dad just wasn't as fun as it used to be. Although it saddened us because our little girls were growing up, we understood and wanted them to enjoy this time as best as they could. As a result, our site's activity had begun to slow down. Although we tried to maintain the site, it just wasn't the same without their enthusiasm. This left an empty feeling inside of us that we couldn't fully get a grip on. 

It was at that point that we realized (and openly admitted) that we truly were "Fiction Addicts" and not being as engaged with reading and reviewing, or all of our friends who shared our "Addiction" was hurting us. Basically, we realized that one way or another, whatever it took, we absolutely needed to "feed our fiction addiction." Now you know what our site means to us. We can not wait to bring back for our old readers, and introduce our new one's to, our "Sunday Scoop" (just some chat on random Sundays about whatever) and our "Triple Threats." (where we post a review, interview, and giveaway of the same title all at once!) Hopefully, as we are feeding OUR fiction addiction, we feed yours as well. And if you are not insanely addicted to fiction yet, hang around here long enough and we guarantee you will be!

Dave and Mara

on a side note- For our old friends who will miss Lauryn and Sami, have no fear- with a tiny bit of guilt and persuasion, even though their friends and "One Direction" consume every waking minute of their lives, they promised to take some time away from their ever budding social lives and post as guest reviewers here from time to time. (and required school reading was not part of the deal!)

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