August 23, 2012



Who loves reviews, interviews, and giveaways?

Fiction addicts do, that's who!

Yay! Our very first live post as official Fiction Addicts! Ok sorry, had to get that out of our systems. First of all, thanks for stopping by. We can not tell you how excited we are! We have been hard at work behind the scenes to make sure that when we finally went live, we had some good stuff prepared for you guys. Aside from some minor adjustments and tweaks, that time has come (Finally!). There's also a few more surprises up our sleeves for later on. What we would like to do is give you a sneak peek at some of the things we have planned for you for the next few weeks. We also have some links and trailers for you so you can learn more about the books and the authors if you want.

From day one of launching our first book review site, we were constantly trying to figure out how to make it the easiest, best site it could be for our readers. Fortunately, we started off in the blogging world as readers/followers ourselves for quite some time before starting our own site. Our ideas and decisions were always a result of our "reader" mindset. One of our very first ideas was to figure out how to give our readers everything they could possibly want, all at once, and all bundled together. As simple a concept it sounded, we had not seen it done anywhere. (keep in mind we are talking about 4-5 years ago when having a "button" for your site made you look like the Steve Jobs of blogging!) We called it the "Triple Threat" and it consisted of a review, an interview, and a giveaway. So... what better way to welcome you to our site? 

This decision was a hard one for us, at least at first. So many great books, so many great authors. AARRGGHH!! Then one day a few weeks ago, Dave randomly picked up a book from his TBR pile and was flipping through it just for fun, as he does often. Can you figure out the rest?? Great book, debut author, and an all around genuinely nice person. Decision made. Dave is just wrapping up the interview in the next few days, and will proudly present to you our kickoff Triple Threat. Review, interview, and giveaway of a signed copy! We hope you will be just as happy with our decision as we are. Oh right.... WHAT IS IT ALREADY???

The Forsaken
Lisa M. Stasse


Cool huh?? We are SUPER excited to present this to you guys. In the mean time, if you want to learn some more about Lisa and "The Forsaken" you can visit her site Thanks to Lisa for providing our review copy as well as the signed copy for the giveaway!


We have two more "teasers" for you. Well, two more that we are going to tell you about. There's not much we need say about the first one. Many of you have probably read the first few books in the series and/or seen the movie. If not, you need to! We will be reviewing this as well as hosting a giveaway for 3 hardcover copies! Yup, 3!

The Rise of Nine
Pittacus Lore


You can check out the official fan site at Many thanks to our friends at Harper Collins for providing our review copy as well as the copies for the giveaway.


Of course! Last but certainly not least by any stretch, we have a book that is sort of special to us. It's special because the author was our most featured author over the years on our other site, one of the best, hottest there is in the business right now, and someone we consider a friend. He is THAT good that Scholastic asked him to write the first in a new series penned by an all star cast of authors. His other brand new releases are "The 13th reality # 4, The Void of Mist and Thunder" and the last in the Maze Runner Series, "The Kill Order". We are planning a review and giveaway of 5 signed ARC's of this one! (who knows, we may even surprise you with the interview too, making it an official Triple Threat!)

Infinity Ring
Book 1
A Mutiny In Time
James Dashner

Feel free to check out the official fan page for the series, which includes info on the books in the series, the authors, their cool interactive game, and even an excerpt from the book at  

You can also learn more about James Dashner and his other books over at his site
Thanks goes out to our friends at Scholastic for our review copy as well as the giveaway copies.

We hope we are able to feed YOUR fiction addiction with these awesome titles. Keep your eyes open and don't blink because the plan is to post these real soon and back to back. If you don't want to miss them, feel free to follow our site and sign up to receive email updates. 

Two Fellow Fiction Addicts,

Dave and Mara


  1. Got to love James Dashner! So glad you brought some new passion to your reading and review blog. It looks great. So many good books to read... so little time.

  2. Thanks Laura! We were waiting to get some buzz around here before springing our new surprise on you. I really hope all is well. Give our best to P and the rest of the gang!